One of the greatest things after your wedding day is long gone, is to sit together and reminisce with your wedding album.  I wanted to share with you all the beauty of our wedding albums here at Niki Flynn Photography.

Canvas wrap cover - I shoot with the cover of your album in mind.  If you choose to go with the canvas wrap cover option, your image wraps around your book.  So beautiful!



Flush mount, lay flat (thick) pages.








Yummy!  I absolutely love these albums!  If you’d like to see one in person, give me a call.  They’re gorgeous!

Sweet baby Benjamin

I have known little Benjamin’s mom Angela for a very long time.  In fact, I have had a standing date with her every 8 weeks, for the past (almost) 6 years.  Ang is my hair dresser, and I love her dearly.  When she first told me she was expecting, I was thrilled… absolutely thrilled for her.  She is quite possibly one of the sweetest people I know, and I just knew that she’d be a fantastic mom.  Then I had a thought… for only a second.  What was I going to do every 8 weeks, when I didn’t get to have my visits with Ang?  I knew there would be someone fantastic that could cut my hair, but I was really going to miss our visits.  

Little Ben entered the world just before Christmas… a wonderful gift to so many people who love him.   Angela and Dave, you have such a sweet little baby.  Thanks for sharing him with me today.  I think I may have to make a new standing date with you Ang… tea, cookies and baby boy snuggles! 

xox Niki









five people 12 times //11.10


How is it that it is already the end of November?  I remember reading a date on an article that said November 15th, and I thought to myself, that must have been last year.  This year has gone by so incredibly quickly and I can hardly believe it!  November has been busy.  Busy with what - I’m not so sure, but as I sit here typing this, I am having a hard time remembering where the month went.

Andy spent the early part of the month in Alberta with Mike.  I am always so thankful for the time the two of them get to spend together.  While he was away, we had a crazy week.  CRAZY!!  I love jewellery.  I’m not gonna lie.  So, this month I took on another ‘job’.  I became a lia sophia consultant.  I figured, I was loving the catalogue so much, that I might as well sell it.  I had my first show the first weekend of November, and it was Amazing!  Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies that came out to my party, and those of you who got some shopping done even if you couldn’t make it out to the party.  It was so much fun!  Shannon came out.  Ladies… it was the best!  I can’t thank you enough!  And… if any of you ever want to host a show, I would be more than happy to pop by and share the jeweled love!

Back to our crazy week.  Eye doctor and pizza party in Campbell Thursday night.  Jewellery party Friday night.  Open house Saturday night.  Birthday party in Campbell Sunday night.  Also… daylight savings day.  Flat tire Sunday night.  That’s right.  Flat tire.  Night.  Kids sleeping.  No Daddy to help.  Mommy dressed up for a party…wearing my new jewels!   wheew… craziness started right then and there!  Thankfully there was a wonderful man from London, England who happened upon a Mama with 3 sleeping boys and a flat tire.  Did I mention that I have had 6 flat tires with this van?  3 of them were on the way home from the same birthday party on the first weekend of November… 3 different years!   Did I mention how much I love flat tires?  Really!  Thank goodness for kind people.  Thank goodness for the lights outside the lodge.  Thank goodness for a wood stove and a cozy blanket for my kiddies to sleep by while we changed the tire.  I have always respected the road.  It’s a scary road with no cell service and not too much between point A and B.  This night though, just made me a little more aware of just how dark and lonely that road really is.  And to pack more blankets, and towels, and boots, and flashlights.  I already had these things… I just need to pack MORE!

We finished swimming lessons.  For now.  The kids have loved it since September, but getting near the end, I found them wanting to go less.  Wanting to stay home just a bit more.  And that’s okay.  We will start again in the new year, but for now, I am happy to take a little break.  I am absolutely amazed though at how the boys can swim now.  I am so proud of them.  And, they are very proud of themselves too.  :)

I have enjoyed watching my boys doing things that they haven’t done for quite some time.  Like playing with our train set.  One morning at about 6am (which is Owen’s internal clock’s alarm time) I found him in the basement setting up an elaborate track.  It made me smile!  They haven’t played with it for such a long time, and to see the three of them together with it was wonderful.  They have also started listening to some of our children’s CD’s again.  The cutest thing ever.  They stand by the CD player, and dance and sing along.  They love the song “Ain’t Gonna Rain No More,” “There Was a Old Lady,” and of course “The Hokey Pokey.”  One afternoon while the boys were in school, Thomas and I did the Hokey Pokey together for about 45 minutes.  That’s a lot of Hokey Pokey.  And… a lot of giggling.  These two things are just a reminder to me that they’re still very little.  Still so little.  And, to take these moments and hang on to them.  Because one day, no one is going to want to do the Hokey Pokey with their Mom.  Not even for one second.

This month I spent a lot of time at my very favourite place in the whole world… the dentist.  (did you catch the extreme sarcasm?)  It’s not that I don’t think my dentists and everyone who works in that building aren’t wonderful - because they are.  It’s just that the word “dentist” makes me shudder, and the second I walk into the office my heart starts to race.  But, I was very brave, and did all of the things that I was supposed to do.  And, I constantly remind my boys to take good care of their teeth, so that when they’re 37, they won’t be fixing their 6 year molars like their Mommy is.

This month we went for our last bike ride of the year on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  And, I didn’t almost fall off my bike like last month.  It was all good.  I love being out with Andy and the boys like this.  We rode to the movie store and got Toy Story 3.  I loved it.  And cried like a baby at the end… no kidding! (of the movie, not the bike ride -  even though it made me sad to put our bikes away).

Little O missed a week of school this month.  Poor little monkey!  He’s such an active, feisty little boy, that seeing him down and out for a few days is hard.  He’s tough though.  When the doctor asked him how he was, he said “good” to which the doctor replied… “no… you’re lying to me… you’re very bad”.   Owen then quietly said, “ya, I don’t even want to play the wii.”  Now that’s sick!

The first snowfall of the year came smack in the middle of Owen’s sick week.  Even though he was on the couch, resting, not eating, and taking things easy… the second the snow started to fall out of the sky and start to stick - he wanted out in it!   And, the second the snow started to fall out of the sky, I started to feel Christmasy - not really a word, but how I felt. 

Hope you’re all starting to feel Christmasy too.  December always flies by…. I will see you all again very soon! 

xox Niki

Oh, and what’s the story on the moustaches?  While in Victoria this summer the boys and I found them in Chinatown.  We thought it would be funny to take pictures of our family… and November (or Movember as it’s called by many) was as good of time as any.   Too funny!   And might I just add, I can not get over just how much I look like my dad, and uncles in this photo… wowza!  If I were a man and actually had a moustache, I could be a twin of one of my dad’s brothers.  Any guesses which one?

Happy Anniversary Laura & Brad

In each of our lives, we experience many firsts.  First step, first love, first airplane ride and for wedding photographers, first wedding.  As today is Laura and Brad’s first anniversary, I found myself smiling as I remember two of my firsts.  First ride in a float plane and photographing my first wedding!

I wanted to write about their very unique wedding as it was incredibly special… for many reasons. 

Brad called me on a Wednesday afternoon after I had finished teaching for the day to ask me if I would photograph their wedding the following Tuesday.  It was the end of November and the weather was everything typical of November in Gold River.  It was rainy… very rainy.  However, according to the Weather Network, the following Tuesday was to be a beautiful day… and it was!

We arrived at Air Nootka, and prepared to board the plane.  Brad is a pilot and he and Laura were going to get married in the plane… in the SKY!  I was incredibly excited (and scared at the same time).  I sat in the front seat of the Beaver next to Ron, the pilot.  It was my first time in a float plane… I’m not gonna lie… I was a bit nervous.  We climbed to an altitude of almost 10,000 feet.  It was incredible!  We coasted in the sky while Brad and Laura said their vows.  It was magical.  I was so blessed to be able to be part of such a wonderful day.  My fears all left me and I was engulfed in the beauty of the day.

After the ceremony was complete, we arrived back at the dock and celebrated on the ground.  The love in the small group of people that shared this day was wonderful.

For our formal portraits, we got back into the plane and flew off to a beautiful, very special little spot.  I spent the afternoon shooting and giggling with two people that I think are incredibly sweet.

Laura and Brad’s wedding was incredibly special to me.  It was very unique.  It was in the sky.  And, it was my first wedding.  I am so thankful that they asked me to share in their wedding day and document it for them.  It was the most beautiful day for so many reasons.  Thank you so much Laura and Brad.  For my first float plane ride.  For my first wedding.  And for being such a wonderful couple.  Happy ‘First’ to you both.  I wish you the happiest anniversary ever!

xox Niki



 The view was absolutely spectacular!












Happy Anniversary.  Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart!  xox

Suzanne & Christian

I love days like today.  Meeting kind, wonderful people.  Taking photos, on a gorgeous day.  Laughing.  Suzanne and Christian and I have been trying to get together for portraits for quite some time.  The weather has been so unpredictable, but we tentatively set an appointment for today.  And, when I woke up this morning… it was gorgeous out!  Crisp, cool air, fresh snow in the hills.  Beautiful.  And, because it had been raining SO much, there were tons of lovely puddles to shoot by.  I had so much fun, and their dogs, Bask and Finn were adorable!  Thanks Suzanne and Christian for such a great day… hope you love your photos!

xo Niki



Watching Bask and Finn play together made me so happy.






 Sweet clients… hot chocolate in the middle of a shoot.  Loved it!  xox 



Did I mention how much I love reflections…?   A LOT!



Quite possibly my favourite from the day, and the very last photo I took!    You two are too cute!  :)


Thank you both so much for such a fabulous day… and for the hot chocolate… it was delish!

xox Niki

Girls Night

Dinner hour is always such a crazy time.  I think in most houses… or maybe it’s just mine! 

4:00 rolls around.  Everyone’s tummies are starting to grumble.  I haven’t taken anything out for dinner yet. (you would think that soon I would figure this out).  and… I don’t know what to make.  I was thinking about this ‘crazy hour’ when I first emailed the girls for a get together.  “Bring your favourite ‘quick’ dinner idea, some yummies, and wear your apron.”  I love these girls… always up for a fun night together.

So we wore our aprons, and chatted about ‘crazy hour’ and ate great food.  Love it!  Here’s some of the yummy-ness!


We each chose a tea cup and later saw that our choices suited our personality!  Guess which one I chose?


All of our meals this night were ‘veggie friendly’ and most were ‘wheat and dairy friendly’ too!


What’s your favourite ‘crazy hour’ dinner recipe?  I’m always looking for more!

xo Niki

Three Little People

Three of the most beautiful people I know.   Three little people I find the most difficult to photograph. 

Three little people I love more than anything in the world… My boys.







And, the one big person I could not do this without.  Love you Andy.


xox  Niki

five people twelve times \\10.10


I am proud.  I am happy.  I am thankful.  This project has made me all of those things.  As this is my fifth installment of five people twelve times, I sat back and thought about what it means to me.  What it has done for me.  How it makes me feel.

I am a Mom.  I am a photographer.  Before I was a photographer, I was a Mom who loved to scrapbook.  I am still a Mom who loves to scrapbook.  I have been a scrapbooker for about 13 years.  I still take lots of photos of my children, but have not put one photo - not even one - in a scrapbook for almost 3 years.  This makes me sad.  At first, I feel like I am failing.  Failing to document my children’s lives.  Failing to remember the field trips, the lost teeth, the silly faces and the birthday parties.  But I know that sometimes, life doesn’t allow for us to take a weekend, or day, or an hour to scrapbook.   This doesn’t mean that I am failing.  It just means that I am busy.  Very busy.  Raising 3 little boys, running 2 businesses, teaching at the school, with a husband who works away, and trying to keep clean clothes on everybody.  Let’s be honest… sometimes I don’t quite get the last one done.  But just becuase I haven’t stuck photos in a book with a story and some cute stickers, matching paper, embellishments etc. doesn’t mean that I have failed.  I have to tell myself that.  ‘Cause sometimes it makes me sad. 

But that’s where this project comes in.  And this project has made me very happy.  Very proud.  Very thankful.  This project has allowed me to record the events in my family’s lives, has encouraged me to take a photo of all of us together - every month - and has reminded me to take notice of the little things.  Take notice of the funny things that the boys say.  Like when Thomas told me I could cook the corn in the microwave, or on the stove, because he “read it on the can.”  Like when Sean told Andy that he could lift anything because he was super strong and had “square muscles.”  Like when Owen told me “I’m growing a lot Mom… my cool skull jeans are getting short.  I’m going to be as tall as you soon.”  Making a commitment to myself to do this project has made me - make this -  a priority.  I take lots of photos.  Some of clients.  Some of my family.  Guess which ones are still sitting on my memory cards.  I am thankful because each month I look through those photos.  Each month I take one with me in it.  And post it here… and write about my life.  The good things, the sad things and the funny things.  I am thankful.  And I am thankful for all of you who read these posts and get a glimpse into our lives.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for sharing in this journey.  I know that this is the ‘scrapbook’ that I can do now, that fits into our sometimes crazy lives, and I am really enjoying it!

October is a very busy time of year, and a beautiful time of year.  I have worked with some wonderful clients this month.  I took some adorable photos of my kids.  The leaves, the light, the crisp air.  I love the fall.

Swimming lessons are still in full swing.  We have gone from 2 times a week to 4 times a week, as Thomas now goes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  They really love it.  All of them.  They’re all growing and learning so much too.  I remember being in swimming lessons as a kid and it was something I really enjoyed.  Owen was actually talking about maybe training for a mini triathalon too.  “Cause I’m really fast at biking… I’d totally beat you Mom!”  Maybe he just said that because I mixed up my back breaks and front breaks at the end of the driveway and almost plowed myself head first into the light post that is strategically placed right at the entrance to our driveway.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It was a sight, let me tell you.  Complete with a squeal that I’m sure most of the town heard.  I’m sure thankful that I’m super-graceful though… I’m totally kidding.  I was actually really scared.  We live on a hill.  It’s pretty sad when a grown up has to walk her bike down the hill.  There.  I put it out there and you are not allowed to laugh at me when you see me.  On, or off of my bike. :)  But if you do, I will totally laugh with you.  Cause it was pretty funny!

I made a couple of quick trips to Nanaimo this month.  Fun.  Always love getting in the van, listening to some music, and chatting and giggling with a friend.  The first trip was to run a 5K in the “Run for the Cure.”  This is the second one I have taken part in and definitely won’t be the last.  I love being part of something so great.  The second trip came on the tail end of a very busy month.  Kind of a little shopping-reward for working very, very hard on many, many projects.  I truly feel that the drive though is half the fun.  Love it!  I’m always up for a road trip!

Halloween was a hoot!    We spent most of the month asking the boys what the wanted to be, and most of the month hearing them say, “I don’t know.”  Owen had been Spider Man 3 years in a row, and then he told me that he wanted to be a biker dude - just like last year.  In the end Owen asked me to make him a SpongeBob Square Pants costume.  Sean was Frankenstein, and Thomas was a Pumpkin and a Crocodile - for Little Dinos. They were so cute.  It poured rain.  The boys were soaked.  But, they had so much fun and the little looks on their faces when they got home made my heart melt.  We made our annual visit with Gary and Karen - the kids look forward to this every year.  It truly is a hilight for them (and for us too!)


 Couldn’t resist this photo of Seany as Frankenstein.  As you look at it imagine him walking towards me going “uuuuuuuuh”


October is a time to be thankful.  I am thankful for so many things.  Family.  Friends.  Health.  Monkey hugs.  Tickle monsters.  Story time.  Harry Potter.   Friday night movie night.  Aerobics class.  Communicating.  Skills and talents.  Great employees.  The boot-fixer-guy.  Glue guns.  Good hearing.  The pool.  Cookies.  Mid-night snuggles and smooches from Thomas.  Anytime of day snuggles and smooches from Sean.  Hugs and cuddles from Owen that are lessening a bit as he gets older.  Not much, but a teeny, tiny bit.  Clutch Powers.  Lego.  Wii.  Cheese wraps.  Sweaters.  Scarves.  Great clients.  Beautiful light.  Beautiful jewelry.  Bike rides.  Mentos (which became a new obsession with the boys this month).  New pillows.   Lists.  Chicken dinners.  Phone calls with girlfriends.  Laughter.  Sleep.  Ideas.  Tea.  Perserverance.  Strength.  Kindness.  Honesty.  And you.  I am thankful for all of you who read my blog posts.  Thank you for being here and for leaving me comments.  It really makes me smile!  :)

xox Niki 

Creelman Family

I have known Bruce and Karen for years now.  Like maybe 15 or so.  I remember so clearly the day that Ashley was born, and can not believe that was almost 13 years ago.  And Connor too… he entered the world just about a week before I had Owen.  I guess in all of this I am realizing just how fast the time goes.  I am so thankful to have been able to spend the afternoon with this family.  I felt a bit like a storm chaser as we all watched the sky to see when it would start pouring rain.  It did - mid shoot - but that didn’t dampen spirits at all.  Thanks Creelman family for venturing out with me and working to beat the weather.  These photos just make me smile… and were totally worth shooting in the rain! 

xo Niki








Dennie, Chris and Kennedy

This shoot was part two of our family session.  Dennie and I had started chatting about getting together for a family session earlier in the year, and when I saw a beautiful yellow tree in the plaza I begged Dennie and Kennedy to come for an impromptu shoot.  THAT DAY!   How could they resist?  I just said, “There’s a yellow tree, and the yellow will be gone soon - I just know it!”   They agreed, and we had such a fun, silly time together. (Thank goodness they didn’t think I was too crazy… ‘cause the yellow was gone in just a couple of days!)  :)

The second part of our session that we had just this week, was just as fun.  The only difference was that this time Chris was able to come along with us! 

I absolutely adore you guys and think you are such a beautiful family… the love that you all share makes me smile.  Thanks for the fun… hope you L.O.V.E your photos!

xo Niki

Pure love!IMG_4604b.jpgI have so many favourites from this session… the light was just beautiful.  This was actually the very first photo I took.         You guys are killing me.  Gorgeous! 






heart melting… seriously!







And here’s a few of the girls from the spring.  Isn’t it just a gorgeous yellow tree.  See now why the panic… 




 Dennie, this is still one of my very favourite photos… ever.




 Beautiful Kennedy.


Loved all the time we spent together!  So much fun!  xox