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Change is good.  Niki Flynn Photography has a new look!  

Complete with a new logo, new online store and new website… things are fresh and new!!  Take a peek!

Our old site…

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Photos are bigger, and better reflect the beauty that I see in each of my clients!  

We’re always working  to make your experience with us even better.  Enjoy!!  :) 

Herman Family

I have known Gail for quite some time, as she is one of the lovely people who work at my dentist office, and since getting Invisalign, I visit the office often.  I always love chatting with Gail… so sweet!  Turns out she’s related to other clients of mine and we got to chatting about photos.

It seemed as though sweet Mother Nature did not want us to get together.  Each time we had a date picked, the sky would open up on us… fall, winter, spring… didn’t matter.  We had been trying for some time and even on the day of our session, it was raining as I left my house.  Determined to finally capture this sweet family before the boys graduated high school, or got married and had kids of their own, I gathered my gear and set out.

Such a fun evening with an super fun family.  I loved my time on the beach with them.  Thank you all so much!  Boys, keep gathering funny jokes for me… we all know I could use some more!  ;)


xox Niki




















Kennedy ~ Graduation

When I first moved to Gold River in 2000, I wanted to get involved in the community.  I saw an opportunity for volunteers with Girl Guides.  I was so excited… I loved being a Brownie when I was little.  So, I signed up!  I was one of the leaders of the Sparks group, which is even greater than Brownies… just as much fun, but the girlies are littler and sweeter!

Kennedy was in my Sparks group.  I immediately adored her and her sweet manner.  She was one of those kiddos that just steal your heart.  I often chatted with her mom and watched her as she grew up and into an amazing young lady.  I have always thought she was wise beyond her years… always pleasant, always kind, and always with a smile on her face.  Kennedy was another of our babysitters, and the boys absolutely adored her… so did I! 

I have photographed Kennedy a couple of other times and she is just a joy to be with and to have in front of the lens.  Grad day was no exception.  It’s hard not to smile when you are around Kennedy.  She just radiates happiness and makes you happy just being near.

Kennedy, I am so proud of you.  You have grown into a wonderful young lady.  The love that I have witnessed first hand within your family shapes who you are as an individual.  You have such a bright future ahead of you.  I am so incredibly thankful to have been asked to share in your special day.  Adore you sweet girl!  

xox Niki





Four generations of beautiful women!













Cute, bright pink Tom’s & shadows… love!


Now, I know that Kennedy likes mustaches, so I brought some for our session!   This group of photos just makes me smile! Cute girl!kennedy16up2-copyweb.jpg

Such a beautiful family, filled with so much love!  


Kyle ~ Graduation

This day came quickly.  It’s incredible just how fast it came.  The first time I met Kyle was when he was in Kindergarten and I had just started teaching in Gold River.   We were both brand new to the school.  He as a student, and I as a brand new teacher fresh out of university.  When I met his mom, who is one of my closest friends, he was about 8.  

Since then, I have watched his parents raise two incredible young men.  Having 3 boys myself, I always found myself blessed to have a glimpse into what was to come with boys as they grew up.  And, how to be a good mama in all situations.  

Carrie, you’re amazing and I have learned so much from you.  More than you know.  Kyle, you are an incredible young man.  I am thankful for the days you spent babysitting my boys and for the days just hanging out with them, playing games, having water balloon fights in the yard and showing them what it looks like to be a nice young man.  I am so proud to know you and to have such a wonderful role model for my boys.  Congratulations on your graduation.  I know there are amazing things in your future! 

xox Niki


Carrie’s house was all dressed up for the party.  I absolutely loved the photos of Kyle growing up, and they may or may not have made me cry.  You know the answer to that!  ;)














Love this family so much!


Ahh, brothers!






IMG_2655 copy.jpg


It has been a long time since I have blogged, but at this very moment, there’s so much I want to say, so here goes.  

I used to be the kid at track and field days who envied all of the kids with multiple ribbons pinned to their shirts.  They fluttered in the wind while I looked down and saw my one-and-only ‘Participant’ ribbon.  Every. single. year.  

I was the girl who, at the cross country run came in second-last… only because every time that other girl got close, I started running again.  I was the woman who always said, “I’m not athletic, I’m not a runner, I can’t run.”  

All of that has changed.

In January, I started working out again.  I was fast approaching 40, and truly… a little freaked out about it!  I signed up for Sunrise Bootcamp with Equilibrium Lifestyle Management and super-amazing trainer Sarah Seads.  I started doing something so far out of my comfort zone, it was crazy!  That first workout, I could not run around the parking lot in the warm up.  I thought I might throw up.  I thought to myself, ‘Oh dear Niki… who do you think you are… you can’t do this…”  But, I did.  I kept going. I kept pushing harder, and I kept trying.  Every class.  

Now if you know me at all, you know when my typical bedtime is.  It’s late… very late.  My bootcamp classes are early, very early… I get up at 5am.  The greatest thing about this is that I am DONE my workout at 7:15am, and I feel fantastic for the day. But, truly the greatest thing about bootcamp is everything!  It’s hard.  And fun.  And each class I do something that I never, ever thought I could do before.  And I get faster, and stronger, and have more fun every time.  The group is INCREDIBLY supportive, and Sarah is THE BEST!  Seriously.  The best!!   I have done more in the last 5 months than I EVER thought I could do.

In January I set some goals.  One of which was to run a 5K.  Then in June, run another 5K - this time faster.   But, plans changed… I was very sick for my first 5K and couldn’t do it.  And for the second I decided to challenge myself and SEE if I could run 10 instead of 5.  

And guess what…?  I did!  :)  Who knew??!!  My goal was to run the whole way.  And, that I did!  I RAN 10K!  (if you click the link… I’m the girl with the bright green shoelaces zooming through the crowd!)

What I think was so powerful for me in this experience was that I really wanted to stop and walk - just for a minute - a lot!  But I just had to ask myself, “What do you want more… to walk right now, or to run the whole way?”  I learned the power of the mind on Sunday… I had little conversations going in my head the whole way like “This is hard…”  followed quickly by “You’ve got this Niki… bootcamp is way harder than this… keep going!”  The sense of accomplishment as I crossed that finish line and the absolute joy and sense of pride I felt is incredible.  I actually tear up every time I think about it.  I did something that I thought I couldn’t do.  Because I just went out there and did it!  And, because I believed in myself, and believed that I could.   

I have a group of girlfriends who I often say “are all avid mountain bikers, avid runners - and me… I’m crafty!”  Now I can say, “I’m crafty… and I’m a runner too!”

If there was ever ANYTHING that you thought you couldn’t do… please just try to do it!  

If I can run… ANYONE can!  


I am reminded of a quote that says, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!”  This has been HUGE for me.  I’ve learned that by believing in myself and showing my boys that I do, I am teaching an important lesson.  They see me taking on challenges.  They have seen (and have heard about) my breakthrough moments and how persistence and perseverance pays off.  They are taking on challenges and are excited about them.  I am incredibly proud!!  I believe that these lessons that we are all learning do not just apply to running, or to fitness, but to life in general.  I challenge you to tackle something that you have never done, or thought you could do before.  Dream some dreams, set some goals, make a plan, and GO FOR IT!  I will be right here cheering you on!  :) 

I am so incredibly thankful for the lessons I have learned over the past 5 months.  For the breakthrough moments I’ve had and for the fun I’ve had along the way.  It’s been amazing, and I can’t wait to see where this little girl goes from here!!!  :)   And I do know… that it may include an even longer run, and a beautiful location!  I’ll keep you posted!!  ;)

Thank you for all of your love and support!  I am blessed!

xo Niki

Lauzon Family

Wanna know what’s better than photographing a beautiful wedding?  

Photographing your bride & groom and their sweet little baby!    

I am seriously the luckiest girl!  I have wonderful clients, and I get to photograph amazing milestones in their lives.  This session was fun, and fast.  After days on end of pouring rain, the clouds separated for us and the sun peeked through for the short time we were together.  And Caleb was just the sweetest little boy ever.  Crystal and Roger, thank you again for allowing me to share in the beauty of your family.  I just had the best time with you!  

xox Niki





 This one melts my heart.  What a  sweet little boy!




Hutchinson Family

On Sunday, I got to spend some time with a super sweet family.  For my whole drive back up to Gold River it rained, and was sunny, and rained some more… I just hoped it would hold for our session, and it did… mostly!  This wasn’t the first time I had Miranda and Chris in front of my camera as they both were in a wonderful wedding a couple of summers ago.  This was fun. There was some horses, chickens, a cute puppy and even cuter family.  Thank you Miranda and Chris, Kodi and Teegan for a very fun afternoon.  Enjoy!  

xo Niki 






The friendliest horse ever.










They don’t come much cuter than this!







Such a beautiful family



Beautiful Moments

It’s funny how sometimes we look at life.  Life is busy.  For everyone.  There are bills to pay, laundry to fold, meals to prepare, jobs to be done.  But, in all of this, there is beauty.  Beauty in the everyday.  Beauty in those moments that one day, will no longer be.  I have been feeling this a lot lately.  Like when I took my ‘little boys’ to the park in our new town, and I had the realization slap me in the face, that these three ‘little’ boys, are not so little anymore.  They don’t wobble when they run.  They don’t wibble and fall over.  They don’t marvel at the sight of sand spilling through their chubby little fingers.  Anymore.   And, in those moments, I am reminded to grasp the ‘now’ and hold on tight.  Because one day, I will wish for the days that my kiddos asked me to make pancakes with them.  Tiny ones.  With chocolate chips.  And a side of Bakugans.  And Pokemon.  And retro Batman.  Goodness, I love these boys and today, as they asked me to make pancakes for them, then showed me for the first time that they were big enough to do it all by themselves, I was thankful.  Thankful to stand by and watch and let them do it on their own.  Thankful for cookie scoops.  Thankful for chubby fingers in the batter.  Thankful that I took a moment to stop, step back, watch and enjoy my little boys growing up.  What an amazing blessing, and I am so thankful.  

xoxo Niki

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As Owen left the table, he said “Thank you for breakfast, ME.  Oh, you’re welcome, ME.  May I be excused ME?  Oh, yes OWEN, you may.”  Cutest thing ever!  

Then, they just got right back to their Bakugan, Pokemon, and retro Batman.  

And yes, Owen wears that toque all.of.the.time… even in the summer!

Enjoy the little things with the people in your life.  These are the moments that are the important ones.  

xo N

Five People Twelve Times //05.12

Upload from June 22, 2012

Wowza!  Already 10 weeks has gone by since we moved to our new home, school and community.  It is amazing just how fast the time goes when you’re having fun.  Unpacking boxes.  Hanging hooks.  Clocks.  Refinishing furniture.  Planting grass.  Raking gravel.  Painting trim.  Playing football.  Going on field trips.  Planting trees.  Taking photos.  Hiking trails.  Riding bikes.  Driving 80 minutes each day to school and back.  I know that there is a bus that can take the boys to school, but I really love the time that we have together at the beginning and the end of each school day.  In Gold River, I had approximately 3 minutes in the car with the boys, and now I find that we have the best conversations on our drives.  I know that they will go on the bus eventually, but until then I am enjoying our time in the car.

I am so thankful to work from home.   It’s because of this, I am able to attend my kiddos’ field trips.  And, let me tell you, I think I get more excited than they do.  Like when we went to the bank.  Or the dairy farm.  Or the museum.  I absolutely love being a part of it and sharing in their learning.  I think the teacher in me secretly loves riding on the school bus, and being a part of a school adventure with the other kids.  There is one down side though to working from home, and that is when you move to a new place, typically you meet new people at work.  Not this girl.  Cause right after I drop the boys off at school, I go to work.  In my office.  In my quiet house, where there are no new people to meet.  So I am working to get out of the office more.  And go on field trips.  Or to the gym.  Or grocery store.  Lots of places where people are, and it’s been fun.

Two years ago, just before we said ‘good bye’ to our Kelly girl, I made a point of taking photos of each of the kids and Kelly on Mother’s day.  This year, I told Andy and the boys that the only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was to take some photos of each of them for our new home (but gladly accepted the sweet, sweet gifts the boys made for me, and their gift certificate to the spa as well… what girl wouldn’t?)  So, our photo for this month is actually a collection of them.  Taken in our back yard, at the end of a lovely Mother’s Day.  They make me so happy.  Oh, and for the record, even though I haven’t been as consistent as I wanted to with this project, I started it two years ago.  I can’t get over how much the boys have changed.  And that I wore the same orange shirt that first day too!)

Much love to you.  Thank you for following our journey.  And, if you are reading this on Saturday, June 23rd… that means that my blog has posted this for me while I am climbing a mountain.  For real.  Wish me luck!  You can bet I’ll be blogging about that one for sure!    Could you leave me a little comment to let me know if it worked.  :)

xox Niki

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Upload from June 22, 2012

I had to include this photo, and give credit to my lovely little photographer in training… Owen.  He loves using my ‘big camera’ and is really good at it.  Thanks Owie… love you! xox

Upload from June 22, 2012

Five People Twelve Times //04.12

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April.  Spring.  The season of CHANGE for the Flynns.  I said it last year, spring has always been a time for huge changes in our lives.  This year, this month, we made many major changes.  We changed our phone number, we changed our address, we changed our school, and we changed the community we live in.  This month, we finally made the move to the Comox Valley.  It has been a long time coming for our little family.  Long time since we’ve all lived under the same roof for more than 2 days.  Long time since we got to have breakfast together every morning and dinner together every night.  And finally, it’s here!!  And we’re all super excited about it!

Although we love being all together, change is always hard.  Especially for me.  Change and I are not very good friends.  This change was major and brought so many things with it.  Moving, well let’s not even talk about how much I LOVE moving.  Please note the extreme sarcasm there.  It’s tough.  Having to physically touch every.single.thing. in your home and decide to pack it, chuck it, or give it a new home.  Once the move starts and is in full swing, I start not being able to decide, and just start throwing everything in boxes, even the old casserole I got 20+ years ago that I never use.  It’s all here.  

So many new things for us this month.  The boys started and got settled in a new school.  This was big!  We dropped them off that first morning, and I’m not gonna lie… I went home and cried a little bit.  I hoped that they would settle.  And make new friends.  And not be scared.  And like their lunch.  And feel welcome.  And, THEY DID.  I have realized that kiddos are much more adaptable than the larger, older, people that they live with.  You know, ME.  They came home that first day chatting about the new friends they had made, about the Beyblade battles they had, and about the Pokemon battles they were going to have the next day.  That first week though, was LONG, and crazidy (yes, I just said crazidy… I enjoy making up words), and tiring. And let me tell you, that just may have been the best Friday ever!  But, the next week started and we felt like we had a routine.  Sort of.  A -new and different but this is going to be good- routine.

Sean lost a lot of teeth (3 of them) in our first 3 weeks here.  Now he has an adorable little jack o’lantern smile.  It’s pretty cute!  One of us turned 10 this month, and presented a project to the entire school on the second Friday here. (so proud of you Owen!)  And, one of us learned how to ride a 2 wheeler, and let me tell you, had a lot of bumps, bruises and scrapes to prove it!   We took the fastest. trip. ever. to Vancouver… we spent more time on the ferries, than we did in the city, but we got to see our cousins on the boat… and that was the BEST part.  This month we made a lot of changes.  Packed a lot of boxes, and unpacked not quite so many.  We got new bedrooms, and a new view from our front deck.  We watched the Snow Birds practice a few times, once from the parking lot of Walmart where Thomas exclaimed, “This is a great place to live!”  Slowly we are getting settled, and organized.  We (read that as I) have found a new love, in the “Re-Store” and will be blogging about all of my lovely finds there.  This month our photo is a quick shot after we dug out our very stuck, quad, and just before I headed to the Re-Store to pick up a new treasure… told you I love it!  

Missing our Gold River family… but we’ll see you all soon, cause if you’ve driven past our house… it looks like we still live there!

xox Niki