About Me


I’m a girl who believes everything happens for a reason.  There is a reason you have stopped by my blog and I am so happy that you are here!

I’m Niki.  I’m a girl with a big heart.

I love deeply and am a happy girl.  I’m a Mom, I’m a wife.  I’m a sister, daughter, friend, teacher and photographer.  I smile a lot, I’m silly and I like to have fun!

I love chocolate, cheesecake, cookies and baking.  I have 3 little boys and have made a theme cake for every one of their birthdays… that’s 18 so far!  I love jeans and would wear them every single day if I could.  My favourite thing to drink is water.  I love driving and am always up for a road trip.  Anytime… anywhere.  Fresh flowers in my kitchen make me happy.  I am a list writer.  I love trying new foods at new places.  I love to travel and hope to see someplace new each year even if it is in my own backyard.  I raced a monster truck when I was 19.  I love a great aerobics class, and all kinds of music.

My husband is my very best friend.  I have the three best little boys ever.  I am blessed to live a life I love.  I love being a photographer.  I love to be able to show people the beauty I see in the world. 

Meeting new people and making connections makes me happy.  I hope to meet you very soon.  Let’s be silly together and make some great memories!

xox Niki