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Oh hi, friends!  It’s been a long time…. I’ve missed you!!  xox

So, I have many friends who have been talking about essential oils a lot for the past year or so.  And, I have been listening.  I have always been interested, but didn’t know where to start.

I have always wanted to make our family as healthy as possible (what parent doesn’t?) by feeding my crew lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat that has grown up on a farm and been fed by our friends.  (For real!)  So when my friends started talking about all of the ways that they were helping their families using essential oils, of course I was intrigued.  

Super interested to find out how I could do the same things for my family.  Andy’s allergies make him crazy!  And once he starts sneezing, there’s no stopping him… like, until the next day!  When it starts all over again. It’s awful. I feel for him. Friends shared stories how essential oils helped with seasonal discomforts…  They talked about helping children fall asleep, tummy issues, skin issues, and cleaning their homes, all using essential oils.  I was intrigued.  

So, I went ahead and purchased the Premium Starter kit from Young Living.  It came with 11 oils, a lovely diffuser, and samples of some of their other wonderful products.  The first day I diffused an oil, the next day too.  Then I used oils on my skin. I’ve put oils on Archie to help him stop itching, and have seen great results in so many areas.  Send me a message if you are wondering about a specific issue, and I am happy to tell you what is working for us… there’s far too many great results we’ve seen to list here.  :)  I’ve made spray to help me enjoy the outdoors in the evenings ;), used oils to support my kiddo’s immune systems, and daily, I enjoy my diffuser.  I diffuse oils in the morning to start my day on an energized note, and at the end of the day, diffuse oils that make us all sleepy.  There is so many wonderful things that I have already seen these oils do and I have only had my kit for a little over a month!!!  Can you believe it?  The Premium Starter kit is an amazing value.  It’s only $173 (and it’s retail value is twice that!), and in addition to all of the wonderful oils and goodies, you also get all the ability to get the oils forever more at 24% off. 


I am excited to use something on my family that is from the earth.  So excited.  I have got a group of fabulous girlfriends who also use these oils and have had all kinds of success from them too. And I’ve got an incredible online resource available to me that is quite simply, amazing.  It’s like google for essential oils!  ;)  I am excited to make face washes, sleepy creams, bath salts, body butters and ‘make me feel better’ teas.  I will share recipes here for all of them.  If you think that you’d like to try them out too, just let me know.  I am excited to learn and share all that I know about them as well as my other ‘oily’ friends!  

Here’s some of the things we’ve seen success with so far…

I’ve used Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint on Owen & Andy for seasonal discomforts.

Peppermint helps to relieve tension

Lavender makes this night owl super sleepy, and the kiddos too.  It can be used for so many things that I can’t wait to try!

Purification is one of my favourites… I use it on my face, on my wool dryer balls in place of fabric softener, I diffuse it often with lemon and it smells so fresh and lovely, and it obliterates stinky house odors… like when you burn cheese off a pizza in the oven.  ;) 

Panaway is wonderful for sore muscles, and used it on Owen’s jaw after he got his braces.

Lemon is the freshest, most lovely smell ever!  I put a drop in my water, use it to remove sticky goo off of things and it can be used to flavour food.    Lemon has so many jobs it’s great at!

Thieves.  Oh Thieves.  I think you are my bestie!  A drop of thieves and lemon with honey in a cup of hot water is both yummy, and helps to ease scratchy throats and thieves on the feet supports our immune systems. It kinda makes me feel like a superhero, cause it’s just so great. ;)  You can use it for cleaning.  It smells like Christmas, and oh how I love it so!!  

These oils plus a handful more, the diffuser, samples and literature all come in the Premium Starter Kit.  As I mentioned, that is how I got started, and it’s how I recommend all newcomers to the world of essential oils get started.  That way, you get to try out a whole bunch of oils and see for yourself just how wonderful they are and how much they are helping YOUR family!

There are many different essential oil companies out there, but for my family, Young Living is the only one I trust wholeheartedly. Young Living has a seed to seal promise, which means that they plant their own seeds in their own crops, harvest, distill and bottle the oils, all in their own factories!  It’s pretty amazing!

I am super duper excited about these oils and all that they are doing for my family, and all that I have seen them do for my friends as well.  Comment below if you want to know more information or go ahead and continue reading about how to get started with me.  Let’s take care of our families with the goodness of Mother Nature and the Earth.




How to get your hands on the Premium Starter kit.  Click here =>

1. Select ‘Sign up as a Wholesale Member” which also gives you 24% off all of your oils forever more!

2. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in for you.  If they are not, fill in 2739787 in both spots.

3.  Fill in all your personal information.  The reason you are asked for your SIN# is in case you make over $600 per year selling Young Living. That being said, you are not obligated to sell anything if you do not want to. Ever.  I simply use my oils for myself and my family.  :)

4.  Create your password and pin then select your kit.  I recommend the Premium, because you get all the oils and the diffuser and it has the best value! 

5.  It will ask you if you want to sign up for Essential Rewards.  I recommend saying no to this for now.

6. Agree to the terms and conditions and then don’t forget to CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.  Some people miss this step.

7. Wait for the mailman to arrive!  It will feel like forever, but will actually only be about a week.  It’s kinda how a treadmill minute is WAY longer than a real minute!  haha!

And, if we’re not already friends on Facebook, send me a friend request and I can add you to all of the fun oily Facebook groups and discussion groups. AND to send you our 80+ page handbook, that is full of information about oils, real life stories, and oodles of oily recipes!

I can not wait to share the oily goodness with you!  If it is this great so far, I can not wait to see all that it can do!

Much love to you! Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all!

xo Niki




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