Seawheeze Half Marathon

When I was training for my first half marathon, my friend from the first day of kindergarten… Jody and I chatted about doing a race together some time.  We always love spending time together and the fact that we live in different provinces makes that a bit tough to work out on a regular basis.  

January came along, and Jody and I chatted about training for an event we could do together.  We had travelled to New York together and often talked of travelling to a race or something.  A kind of a ‘fit-cation’.  Run, shop, eat, laugh, and make memories. 

Well, I had just read about the Seawheeze and mentioned it when we were chatting.  Before you knew it, we were signing up and super excited to start our training.  

Race weekend arrived before we knew it.  Jody flew into the valley and stayed here with Andy, the boys and I that night and first thing in the morning, we were off.  It was one of those trips where everything goes your way… we drove up to, and directly on the ferry… that never happens!  We got upgraded to an excecutive suite at the hotel, and were hand delivered a beautiful ‘on the house’ dessert by the chef.  We shared a bacon-maple apple fritter… had the yummiest fries ever!  And we laughed.  A lot!

Race morning… up at 4:50am.  After a difficult-to-fall-asleep-then-startled-awake-by-an-alarm-TWICE- night.  Off to the skytrain and downtown to the race.  I was excited.  The atmosphere felt fun.  I knew it would be.  We lined up and as we waited, we met Doctor Dribble.  What an inspiring individual.  He dribbles 2 basketballs while running marathons and half marathons, and raises money for charity.  And, when I wrote this… held the world record for the fastest marathon while dribbling.  I could not even imagine!  I can barely put one foot in front of another when I am running.  

We ran.  And took pictures.  And finished the race.  Then had brunch.  A little stretch, and ride back to our hotel.  After dinner and fries (again… they were that good!), we headed in for the concert.  The whole weekend was amazing.  We spent our Sunday morning sitting in our jammies, drinking tea, and visiting in the hotel room, then shopping in some cute little shops and having lunch in an adorable little cafe.  

Truly was one of the best weekends.  Ever.  And I can not WAIT to do it again!

You see… we registered for the Seawheeze in January.  And this year, registration for the next one in 2015 was only 2 weeks after the race.  Two weeks to wait and hope that we got in within the -20 minutes and it sold out- window.  We did!  And, Jody’s sister Vicki (who has always felt like a sister to me too) is coming to do it with us!  It is going to be amazing.  A weekend filled with running, belly laughs, yummy fries, shopping, bacon apple fritters, and fun with friends.  That I have known my whole life.  

I can’t wait!!

xo N

And…. this is all happening today!  Although I have spent most of this year with an injury, I can not wait to spend the weekend with these lovelies, and walk myself across that finish line.  I’m all about the fun.  And the donuts!  ;)




















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